Features ~   
     Video output interface supporting digital video standards such as
8/10-bit Y Cb Cr 4:2:2(ITU BT-656)
     External video inputCompositeS-VideoComponentHDMI A type
     Digital audio output interface supporting
up to four I2S interface supporting 8-channel audio, with sample rates of 32~192kHZ and sample sizes of 16~24 bits.
S/PDIF interface supporting PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS digital audio at up to 192kHZ frame rate.
Optional support for 8-channel DSD audio up to 8 channels at 88.2kHZ sample rate.
Support for high-bit-rate(HBR) audio such as DTS-HD and Dolby True HD through the four I2S interface or the S/PDIF interface, with frame rates as high as 768kHZ.
automatic audio error detection for programmable soft mute, preventing annoying harsh output sound due to audio error or hot-unplug.
     Integrated pre-programmed HDCP keys.