USE UVC grabber card (FEBON 100) on the windows XP/ Windows 7

How to use windows AP software to see the video from grabber card?

1. Under Windws XP, we can double click  "My cmputer" icon to see the video from grabber. 

   WIN 7 DO NOT Support this function.

STEP1: Double Click the " My computer"  icon

STEP2: Double click


  Download link:

STEP1: double click AMCAP

STEP2: Device->USB video device

STEP2: DEVICE->USB audio device 


   Download link:

Step1: open KMPLAYER, mouse right click-> open -> choice the WDM  (ctrl+W)

STEP2: Setting the video source and audio source

  Mouse right click -> open -> setting WDM/BDA (CTRL+M)


 視訊設備: USB視訊裝置
 音訊設備:線路 (USB 音效裝置)