3. FEBON 300 Hybrid Wireless and usb interface beauty camera microscope (skin, hair inspection) for iPAD / iPhone

 FEBON 300 Hybrid Wireless  and usb interface  beauty camera microscope (skin, hair inspection) for iPAD / iPhone

FEBON300 microscope is design for Hybrid Wireless and usb interface beauty microscope.

It is also calld

Auto focus Beauty camera / Auto focus Beauty microscope

auto focus beauty  camera / auto focus beauty skin microscope

 auto focus PCB inspection camera / auto focus PCB inspection microscope

It have two interface.

A. Wireless is for tablet pad ( iPAD / iPhone  /Androd) by wireless communication.

B. USB interface is for PC ( windows xp, 7, vista and MAC OSx) 

Besides this two interface, it also have unique functions that is the first in the world)

1.It can use NOT ONLY  iPAD / iPHONE /Android  by wireless BUT also PC windows MAC by USB interface.

2.own AUTO FOCUS technology

3. Embedded Battery. it can use continuously more than 1 hour.

4. Control the zoom in / light / auto focus on the microscope

5. Due to special mechanism. Be suitable for skin / hair inspection  


1.This auto wireless wifi handheld microscope is for IPAD /iPhone use!

2. it is also an wirless microscope but also can a usb microscope if directly connect in pc.

3. If it connect in PC, it can directly show on UVC AP without installing driver

4.it is hybrid Wireless microscope and usb microscope.

5.it can show on iPAD / iPhone in iOS 6.

6.It is made for Beauty Equipment skin inspection tool camera microscope.

<  Wireless is for tablet pad ( iPAD / iPhone  /Androd) by wireless communication. >

< USB interface is for PC ( windows xp, 7, vista and MAC OSx) >

Function introduction.

【1】:Button for Staring up, Shutdown
The blue button on the broadside is for starting up and shutdown.

 【2】:Functions of five blue buttons on the surface
Five blue buttons for: auto focus, LED brightness adjustment, image zoom in, image zoom and snapshoot.

(Notify: snapshoot function don’t fit in ISO operate system for this moment.)

【3】:Indicator Lights
Wireless Microscope has five difference indicator lights:
Battery indicator: displayed in green when fully charged, yellow when half charged, red when need charging battery. If the battery indicator shows no light, please charge the battery.

Wireless Working Indication: when it is in the Wireless working mode, Wireless Working indication
light displayed as flicking green, fast flicking rate imply good signal.

Battery charging: displayed in red when charging battery; displayed in green when fully charged.

【4】:Charging Battery
If the battery indicator displayed in green or no light, please charging the battery in time. Interface of charging is Mini USB, you may charge the battery by plugging Mini USB cable into your computer or using adapter that suit for Mini USB interface.

Notify: Adapter’s output voltage should be +5V, otherwise, it may damage the Wireless microscope.

It can works for about 100 minutes under Wireless working mode after fully charged.

【5】Wireless working mode:
1.    Starting up, it will automatically under Wireless working mode if you haven’t plug it into your computer.
2.    Switch USB working mode to Wireless woring mode by unplugging USB cable from your computer.

You may view the pictures on iPhone/iPAD/Android / PC that has Wireless function.
Following are the log in address that may appear on your iPhone/Ipad
A.    Connect the “ Wireless 11N AP”
B.    Open Ipad/ iPhone SAFARI
C.    Key in  OR use "CamView"

     (Camview is from app store. it cost USD 1)

【6】Wired working mode.
It will automatically under wired working mode after plugging USB cable into your computer.
Notify: it will be charged when under wired working mode, if you don’t use it to view the image, we suggest to shutdown it for faster battery charging.

You may view the image on ordinary PC by using DeskTop Video, amcap, or capture software.