USB3.0 FEBON199 3G-SDI grabber card

USB3.0 UVC SDI capture card engineer sample
Follow standard UVC (USB VIDEO CLASS). USB webcam like!
Driver free for MAC and windows

3G-SDI /HD-SDI  to UVC !!!! 
Almost NO latency!!  No video distortion from scale ic
  it is less than 100m sec. 
 1920x1080p YUV422 60fps output 
No compression!! NO video distortion!!
              SDI INPUT -------->UVC OUTPUT (YUV)
1920X1080P 60fps  ------>1920x1080p 60fps
                                           1920x1080P 50fps  ------>1920x1080p 50fps
                                           1280x720P 60fps   ------>1280x720p 60fps
                                           1280x720P 50fps   ------>1280x720p 50fps
Do NOT support 1920x1080i

1. work on  MAC OSX 10.10 quicktime
  SDI INPUT is from "HDMI to SDI " box 
  SDI resolution is 1920x1080p 60fps 
 This demo will show you USB3.0 UVC SDI grabber card have video and audio output 

2.  Work on MAC OSX 10.10 quicktime.   SDI source is from HDCCTV  SDI camera.  

3. Work on WINDOWS 8.1 amcap.   SDI  source is from HDCCTV SDI camera.