SR1913 smallest size ( 3.6mm x7mm ) Video encoder with frame rate buffer

General Description  

SR1913 is the smallest size 3.6mm x7mm BGA video encoder with frame rate buffer.

  It is an advanced hardware-based  image processor designed to provide programmable wide  angle lens distortion compensation and  keystone compensation.  

This device accepts  digital video input ports for 10-bit interlaced or progressives.   

 Output for  digital and analog CVBS video output with 10-bit progressive or interlace scan video  with frame rate conversion.  

SIZE:3.6mm x 7mm 

IC system block:


1.ePTZ (ROI)
2.Keystone correction
3. Lens distortion compensation ( Fisheye Correction) : up to horizontal  180 degree
 4. Dynamic Line drawing 5. Powerful OSD.


IC comparison Table
Model SANYO LC822973 (2008 EOL ) SR1913
Process 0.165 0.11
operation temperature -30~85 degree   -45~85 degree
Power consumption 180mW ~120mW (VGA) ~160mW (1.3M) Just only video convert
BGA pin 63 72
BGA size 4mm x5mm 3.6mm x 7mm
Video inputn resolution (YUV 422 progressive) 640X480 1280X720@30FPS 1.3M @ 25fps
Output CVBS CVBS or BT.656
ROI Any digital zoom
Digital Algorithm Fisheye correction Keystone OSD/line drawing PIP up to 3 sub-windows 8 private mask

  Advanced frame rate control technology

  Whatever CMOS sensor output is, SR1913 will smoothly convert progressive signal to CVBS. You can configure your CMOS sensor that is at low frame rate  in low lux environment   At low lux environment, the exposure will rise

Mega pixel  YUV 422 Progressive input source and CVBS output

 The video  source is more than VGA. It will have enough video information to do the ePTZ and Keystone. ePTZ:  

Camera module IC  diagram

Case 1: AUTO BOOT ( TO save your eBOM and PCB dimension)

 This is simple mode that is digital CMOS to CVBS without any special function

Case 2: MCU Mode If you need fisheye correction, keystone, ePTZ.......

Case 3: MCU + AUTO BOOT If you want to powerful function and need extra control.....

SR1913 EVB Board